The Aquatic Conservation Prize

- a new award for talks and posters at the AFSS annual conference

Presenting a talk or a poster on freshwater conservation at this year’s AFSS conference in Adelaide?

John Wiley and Sons, the publisher of the journal Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, is offering a prize for the best presentation about freshwater conservation at this year’s annual conference of the Australian Freshwater Sciences Society (AFSS).
The prize, judged by members of the journal’s editorial board attending the conference, is an annual subscription to the journal Aquatic Conservation, a book (value up to $200) in a relevant field published by John Wiley and Sons, and a signed bookplate commemorating the prize that can be inserted into the book. And, of course, publicity and peer-recognition of the importance of your work to freshwater conservation!
The presentation could be either a poster or a talk. As well as the usual requirements for message clarity, robust logic and engaging style, the key criterion for the proposed prize focuses on the presentation’s contribution to freshwater conservation and how well the presentation explains:

  • the link between the science and its applications to conservation;
  • what has been done or needs to be done so that the results of the study achieve practical benefits for conservation (e.g. using existing legislation for species protection, influencing policy makers, improving habitat restoration, better catchment management, enhanced monitoring programs); and,
  • how the specific study might have wider lessons for freshwater conservation in other countries or regions, or for other habitats and species.

On registration, please nominate your poster or talk for the prize. If you win, Professor Phil Boon, one of this year’s invited plenary speakers and a Chief Editor of Aquatic Conservation, will present you with the award at the conference Annual Dinner.

For more information, please contact Andrew Boulton