Waterbug ID Workshop

An Intro to Waterbugs


Date: Friday, 28th September 2018
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: TBA
Cost: AUD $50

Join us for a day in a laboratory with waterbugs alive and long dead, magnifying glasses, microscopes and taxonomic keys.

By looking at a mix of preserved waterbug specimens and live waterbugs, we will teach people waterbug taxonomy using a combination of waterbug characters in a holistic way so that you can recognise these animals more readily when you encounter them in the wild....but also recognise them stretched out dead in tray of ethanol or under the microscope.

Resources on hand will include identification keys to the various waterbugs (as refined since the publication of The Waterbug Book in 2002) and the ALT keys which allow people to identify live animals in the field, sometimes to species, depending on how distinctive the animal is.

The workshop will leave participants with a familiarity with representatives of freshwater invertebrates from all the orders found in Australia. If it’s useful, we can also help participants identify their own bugs. If you plan on bringing your own specimens contact John (email: flatworm@ozemail.com.au | phone: 0447 893 519) as there are quite stringent requirements for transporting preserved specimens by air in Australia.

If you wish to attend the Waterbug ID Workshop, you will need to sign up in the add-on section via your online registration.

All the resources used in this training are freely available from The Waterbug Company:

http://www.thewaterbug.net/ALT.html http://thewaterbugapp.com/
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